Ur Healthy Day

Ur Healthy Day

Ur typical Day of the Month - January 2013
Start your day with a swim and a sweat at VIP Sport Club. Sure, it’s all the way down Norodom, but all the better for a bit of biking cardio on the way there. Tell yourself you’re turning over a new leaf and buy a monthly pass, though you secretly wonder if the five pack of entrance coupons valid for three months might be the better choice…

Lunch is obviously a big plate of veg. Flip a coin to decide whether you’re off to Le Jardin for their vegetarian club sandwich, or Vego for a salad the size of your head.

The next step: massage those toxins away. Stop in at White Lotus Spa in BKK1 and opt for the $7 Khmer Massage. Your masseuse may look tiny, but she’ll essentially impose a yoga routine upon your body. Pop a chill playlist on your iPod and allow yourself to be stretched to heavenly heights.

Head home and tidy your apartment, adding an organized environment to your list of happy mental health efforts. In the midst of alphabetizing your bookshelf, your phone begins to buzz: it’s your friends calling you out to play. Accept that you’re about to undo all the progress you made that day and laugh: it’s good for your immune system.

By Our Dear Lady Expatriate
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